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Parent’s Corner
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I have doubts that my teenager used drugs during school hours, is it too soon to do a drug test?
Saliva testing is convenient for those parent's that are worried about recent drug use. Drugs may be detected in oral fluid in as little as a few minutes or up to approximately 2 hours from the time of use. 

Which drugs are detected through saliva testing?
The most commonly used drugs could be detected through a saliva (oral) test. Call us for an array of panel. 

How fast will I get the results?
We have a fast turnaround time.  48 hours for a negative, 72 hours for a positive when sent to a lab. Or you may also have the choice of getting instant results.
When should I use the instant test on my son/daughter?
The window of detection for marijuana is approximately 30 days depending on the consumption.  All other drugs, anywhere between 3-5 days also depending on consumption.
Is this instant test reliable?
The instant test is urine based and is 97%-100% accurate.
Can I test my teenager at home?
Definately! Our certified staff will guide you step-by-step from how to collect a sample to reading the results.
When should I use the hair test on my teenager?
The window of detection through the hair is longer than any other test device. You can detect drug abuse back to 90 days. You want to do hair testing if your concerns of drug abuse have been escalating for a few days.  

Can I bring-in my own hair sample?
Unfortunately not. Our certified technicians take the sample as close to the scalp as possible and they have been trained on the amount and the mass needed to send out for testing. 

Instant Test
Hair Test
Where can I get more help?
Valley testing is honored to be affiliated with Substance Abuse Professional, Dr. Nate Lowe, Ph.D. Dr. Lowe's priority is the patient. He provides local services.